I do not claim to be an expert in any area, really.  But also believe in the power of connection and our ability to learn from one another.  Start where you are, notice how you feel.  There are many ways to be an advocate - choose what resonates and is actionable for you.  Below you will find a compilation of BIPOC yoga and wellness professionals, as well as recommended literature.  I humbly share these resources from other teachers and leaders that I respect, and welcome you to share your thoughts and any additions to the list - email me - info@gretafiorinayoga.com



Me & White Supremacy - Layla Saad

How to be an AntiRacist & Stamped - Ibram X. Kendi


"Education is fine, but actionable work is critical"

@emily_edstrom (thank you for the following recommendations)


"Reading, on its own, cannot change our ideology around accountability & harm, justice and care.  Only we can do that."









thank you for the following recommendations @backcountryyoga




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